Passato Prossimo dei verbi regolari – Quiz

Let’s practice the passato prossimo. Quick review and quiz

This is just a review, so I am assuming you are already familiar with the passato prossimo regolare.

The quiz at the bottom of this page is a basic review with some new vocabulary. Look up the words and verbs you don’t know.

In a nutshell, the Passato Prossimo:

  • Describes a complete action in the past.
  • The passato prossimo regolare is the combination of essere and avere + past participle (ato-uto-ito):

Ieri  …

  • … sono andato a scuola. –> I went to school.
  • … ho mangiato il minestrone. –> I ate minestrone.

If you have doubts about essere or avere as auxiliary verbs, please practice with this exercise.

Don’t forget to check your score at the end of the quiz.


Silvestro Lega “Ragazza di Crespina” XIX sec.

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