Un buon amico o un amico buono? The position of the adjective in Italian

Learn the rules defining the position of Italian adjectives

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I decided to write this lesson in English, as the topic is good for beginners as well as for advanced learners. Feel free to correct me or add your comments at the bottom of the page.

We are specifically discussing descriptive adjectives, which are known as aggettivi qualificativi in Italian. These adjectives modify, describe, or offer additional information about nouns or pronouns.

  • Quella simpatica ragazza tedesca è alta, bella, bionda ma timidissima.

When there is a sequence adjective + noun (una bella ragazza) or noun + adjective (una ragazza bella), the adjective is usually placed immediately next to the noun it refers to, before or after. There are rules, specific cases, nuances and exceptions that I am going to explain in detail.

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Un buon amico o un amico buono?

The position of the adjective in Italian



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2 months ago

Ho un dubbio sulla prima domanda. Alla fine del quiz viene scritto “Luigi è un bel ragazzo.”, ma non è una delle opzioni.

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