Italian tongue twisters: scioglilingua. PODCAST.

Learn the most famous Italian “scioglilingua”, tongue twisters: challenge your fluency, pronunciation, speed and precision.

Translating these sentences is quite pointless, because they make little or no sense. You can however recognize some common  words. Thanks to our teacher Alessandra for recording these challenging sentences!

If you know more, please get in touch, comment and we’ll add your favourite Italian tongue twisters to this post. Get ready…

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Milanese, graduated in Italian literature a long time ago, I began teaching Italian online in Japan back in 2003. I usually spend winter in Tokyo and go back to Italy when the cherry blossoms shed their petals. I do not use social media.

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Jo Alex SG
Jo Alex SG
5 years ago

Oh, I´ve just realized words like “trentatré” and ‘trotterellando” will never be bound in any dictionary, lol!

Although this was just for fun, I could actually finally learn how some digraphs are actually pronounced, even though the speaker has to say them fast, since tongue twisters are supposed to be said this way!
Of course I would never dare speak them that fast, as my poor tongue would get really twisted and my mind would be sent spinning as a whirlwind!

Jo Alex SG
Jo Alex SG
5 years ago

Grazie mille for this, Riccardo!
As I told you, even though I don´t know most of the words yet – and also the fact that she has to speak them fast, since this is the way tongue twisters are supposed to be said – I could still finally learn the correct pronunciation of some digraphs I often get in doubt about!
Also, I will have the chance to look up for the words which are new to me in an online dictionary taking my time at it, which would not be as feasible if it were an exercise, etc.

Joseph Tilak Madawela
Joseph Tilak Madawela
8 years ago

reminds me
of the aria from “Barber of Seville”

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