Italian Imperfetto tense, modal verbs – PODCAST

Let’s have a look at the Italian imperfetto tense of the modal verbs dovere, potere, volere and sapere. Listen to the podcast.


We already introduced the Italian imperfetto tense and the difference with the passato prossimo tense, both belonging to the indicativo mood (realis mood). If you want to progress from the beginner-level to the intermediate-level, you need to master these two lesson points. Please have a look at the posts linked above and solve the attached quizzes before getting familiar with today’s quick lesson.

We are now going to focus on the imperfetto and the four main Italian modal verbs, the “verbi servili” dovere, potere, volere and sapere. We chose this particular topic because the verbi servili are extremely important and their conjugation is irregular in most tenses and moods, not in the imperfetto.  

Let’s see the conjugations and listen to the podcast for learning the correct pronunciation. Pay particular attention on the stress of the Loro pronoun.


We hope this fast lesson and podcast were useful. Please share and comment, feel free to ask questions.

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