Congiuntivo o indicativo presente? Quiz and Audio

Review the difference between Congiuntivo Presente and Indicativo Presente with a Quiz

  1. congiuntivo presente of essere and avere
  2. congiuntivo presente of regular verbs

This is the 3rd post of the series dedicated to the congiuntivo. It’s a simple review of the difference between two types of present tense: the congiuntivo presente and the indicativo presente of regular verbs. Please have a look at the previous posts if your score is less than 75%.

We can simplify and say that the indicativo is the mood of reality and the congiuntivo is the mood of possibility, uncertainty and opinion.

Questo è il film che tu vuoi vedere.

Sembra che tu voglia vedere questo film.

Please review the sentences of the quiz and your final score.


Today’s painting: Parmigianino, La schiava turca (1530 ca)

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