Quiz livello intermedio B2-1: Listening task- MILANO, shopping & vocabulary


Quiz livello intermedio B2-1


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Italian for travellers: Buying clothes. PODCAST


Learn some basic Italian vocabulary and verbs related to shopping and fashion. PODCAST.

Fashion is important business in Italia. Not just for money. We like to dress well in formal occasions, but also for a simple dinner out in centro (downtown). I’m sure you know some Italian fashion brands (Gucci, Prada, Armani, D&G etc), easily available in every important city.

We usually go shopping – fare spese – on saturdays, peeking at store windows – vetrine dei negozi – downtown – centro della città – and visit shopping malls – centro commerciale – now widely spread. I negozi, shops, are normally closed on Sundays  – domenica.


  • Fare spese
  • Negozi
  • Vetrine
  • Centro della città
  • Centro commerciale
  • Domenica


All negozi have the equivalent reparto (department) in a shopping mall. So, un negozio di abbigliamento (clothes) becomes reparto abbigliamento (without the preposition “di”) in a mall.

We can buy vestiti da uomo (men’s clothing), vestiti da donna (women’s clothing), vestiti da bambino (children’s clothing), pelletteria (leather goods), scarpe (shoes), accessori (accessories).

You can also find biancheria intima (lingerie), profumi (perfumes), articoli da regalo (gifts), and articoli per la casa (home accessories).


  • vestito da donna (dress)
  • abito da uomo (suit),
  • gonna (skirt)
  • pantaloni (trousers)
  • giacca (jacket)
  • camicia (shirt)
  • maglietta (T-shirts)
  • cappotto (coat)
  • sciarpa (scarf)
  • cappello (hat)
  • guanti (gloves)
  • cravatta (tie)



If you are interested in jewelry,  you want to look for a gioielleria (jewelry store).

  • anello (ring)
  • bracciale (bracelet)
  • collana (necklaces)
  • orecchini (earrings)
  • orologio (watch)
  • oro (gold)
  • argento (silver)
  • platino (platinum)
  • diamante (diamond)
  • smeraldo (emerald)
  • rubino (rubies)
  • perle (pearls)


Pelletteria – Leather goods

  • borsa (bag)
  • borsetta (purse)
  • scarpe (shoes)
  • cintura (belt)
  • portafoglio (wallet)
  • valigia (suitcase)
  • borsellino (change purse)
  • stivali (boots)
  • sandali (sandals)


Intimo – Lingerie

  • calze (socks)
  • calzini (short socks)
  • canottiera (tank shirt)
  • reggiseno (bra)
  • pigiama
  • accappatoio (bathrobe)
  • collant (stockings)


Tessuti e materiali

  • lana (wool)
  • cotone (cotton)
  • seta (silk)
  • pelle (leather)
  • sintetico (acrylic)
  • velluto (velvet)
  • lino (linen)


Useful phrases

Learn how to try, buy, pay, change your new clothes.

Key verbs

Vorrei comprare una maglietta rossa  – I’d like to buy a red t-shirt

  • Vorrei…(I’d like to)
  • provare (try)
  • comprare (buy)
  • pagare (pay)
  • cambiare (change)

+ the name of the clothes


Colors and sizes

Vorrei comprare una maglietta rossa  grande – I’d like to buy a large red t-shirt

Asking American sizes, XS to XXL, is normal although Italian sizes are different. In the example below, I used a Tshirt, so all the colors and adjectives are feminine, according to the feminine noun maglietta.

  • Porto la taglia L (I have a L size)
  • Vorrei una maglietta…
  • rossa (red)
  • verde (green)
  • gialla (yellow)
  • blu
  • arancione (orange)
  • bianca (white)
  • nera (black)
  • chiara (light)
  • scura (dark)
  • a righe (stripes)
  • a quadri (checked)
  • a pallini (dots)


  • La maglietta è troppo… The tshirt is too…
  • grande (big)
  • piccola (small)
  • stretta (tight)
  • larga (large)
  • leggera (light – weight)
  • pesante (heavy)
  • cara (expensive)
  • economica (cheap)
  • Posso cambiare? Can I change?


Thanks for reading. Try the quiz and check your language skills!

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