• Lessons


    How long is a lesson? 55 minutes.

    Do I need to buy books? We’ll provide you with all the materials you need. If you want to follow a textbook, we can suggest you some in line with your level.

    Is my teacher a native Italian speaker? Yes, we work only with professional native Italian teachers.

    Am I going to have always the same teacher? Yes, unless you will ask us to change.

    How can I track down my progress? It depends on your objectives. We can do a level-check test on a regular basis.

    How often should I take a class? We suggest at least once a week.

    How can I book a class? You can use the form in your dashboard. We’ll get back with a confirmation.

    What if I don’t show up? Your teacher is waiting for you online. If you don’t let us know at least one day in advance, the class will be counted as done. We can discuss exceptional cases. If you are a subscriber and skip one class, let us know in advance. You can move it to a new date before the new payment. When the new payment starts, your undone classes will expire and we’ll count again one class per week.

    Will my classes expire if I don’t use them? Yes, in six months if you buy the 10 lessons package.

    What if I want to cancel my subscription. Send us an email at least two days before the new payment. The subscription will stop and the following payment will not take place. If you have lessons left, they will be valid until the end of the 30 days you already paid.

  • Payments


    How can I pay for my classes? Credit cards: Master Card, American Express, Visa

    Can I pay with Paypal? Yes, only for the 10 classes option. Please get in touch if you prefer Paypal.

    Do I need to provide payment information for the trial class? No. Just your name and email.

    Can I buy just one lesson? No.

    Do I need to provide payment information for the trial class? No. Just your name and email.

    Can I pay by wire transfer? Sure, only for the 10 lessons package. Please check with your bank if they apply extra costs and get in touch for more details.

  • System


    Is Skype free? Yes.

    How can I install Skype? Please visit this page.

    What else do I need for joining the class? A decent internet connection, a webcam. We recommend a headset.

    How can I check the quality of the connection? Book the trial class. It’s free.

    Can I use my tablet? Yes. You need a Skype app. Check your app store.

    Can I use my smartphone? Yes, although a small dimension of the screen can be a limit for fully enjoying the class. Take the trial class and check the result.

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