"Diamoci del Lei!"

5 lezioni di livello intermedio - avanzato

Italian Course with a Native Teacher 

5 Zoom lessons, small classes, ONLY 4 participants

Application only, confirmation will follow

Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis

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“Diamoci del ‘Lei'”

5 Intermediate-Advanced Level Lessons

The course will be conducted exclusively in the Italian language.

At the moment, you only need to provide your name, email address, and availability for days and times.

Depending on the number of students, your application for participation may be accepted or not. Registrations will be accepted until the limited seats are filled.

Classes will consist of a maximum of 4 students.

Read this introductory page to understand if this course is suitable for you.

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“Diamoci del ‘Lei'”



Is This Course Right for Me?

The course “Diamoci del ‘Lei'” 5 Intermediate/Advanced Level Lessons” is aimed at students who want to learn the use of the courtesy form, “Lei,” especially in spoken language.


  • Basic to Intermediate proficiency in the Italian language.
  • Understanding of basic Italian grammar and vocabulary.
  • Familiarity with basic Italian expressions and idioms.
  • Knowledge of formal Italian and the use of “Lei” as a pronoun of courtesy is a plus but not necessary.

By the end of the course, the student will be able to handle basic grammar and situations where the ‘Lei’ is used, with expressions typical of the spoken language.

What Are the Contents of the Live Zoom Course?

The course is divided into 5 lessons: each lesson will include a small grammatical part for practice and learning how adjectives, pronouns, verbs, and nouns change when using ‘Lei’.

In class, after a brief explanation, there will be a role-playing game where you will speak using ‘Lei’.

Most of the time will be dedicated to practicing spoken language, vocabulary, and corrections.


  • Lesson 1

    Introduction and general rules in using ‘Lei’.

    – Exercise
    – Listening Task

    Situation 1 – Role Play among students
  • Lessons 2, 3, 4

    How grammar changes when using ‘Lei’.

    Each lesson will include a real-life situation that students traveling in Italy will have to deal with (Shopping, at the restaurant, taking a train, etc.)

    – Exercises
    – Listening Tasks

    Situation 2 – Role Play among students
    Situation 3 – Role Play among students
    Situation 4 – Role Play among students

  • Lesson 5

    In the last lesson, you will practice using all the structures learned in previous lessons.

    – Exercise
    – Listening Task

    Situation 5 – Role Play among students

How Is the Offline Course Structured? What Should I Study Before Each Lesson?

Each lesson includes an individual, offline study unit that the student can access freely and in-depth exercises.

This material includes:

  • πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ« – 5 collective study units with the class
  • ✍🏻 – 5 additional review exercises after the lesson
  • 🧠 – An assignment after the lesson, followed by individual corrections
  • 🎧 – Listening Task
  • πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ – a forum where you can ask questions at any time

Each unit should be studied before the Zoom lesson and includes:

  • Italian explanations of grammatical rules regarding the use of the courtesy form.
  • Examples from spoken language, where ‘Lei’ plays an important role.
  • A quiz-style exercise where the student can repeat what they have learned by solving language games.
  • An assignment, to be done only after the Zoom lesson, to check your progress. The teacher will correct assignments individually. Assignment results are personal and not shared.
  • A listening test during which the point of the lesson will be repeated naturally by native interpreters.
  • The forum allows each student to ask questions about the lesson. Access is free for all course participants. The Forum will be open to everyone.

How Long Does the Course Last?

The course will run for 5 weeks of study, starting from the end of October 2023 throughout November 2023.

Classes will be held on Friday and Sunday mornings.

Every week, students will receive new study materials via email. Participants can access the material freely for six months from the date of registration.

How Many Students Attend the Lessons?

Each group will consist of a maximum of 4 . This way, each student will have time to speak and practice.

If a class does not reach the minimum number of students, the course for that class will not be confirmed. If seats are filled, registration will not be confirmed.

You will have two choices in the pre-registration form. Those who register first will have a guaranteed spot, subject to availability.

We Are a Group of Italian Students, Can We All Participate Together?

Yes. Write an email to info@dante-learning.com for more information.

Will the Course Be Only in Italian?

In principle, yes. Only upon students’ request, the teacher may explain some steps of the lesson in English or dedicate part of the lesson to questions and answers in English. Always keep in mind that, regarding the use of the courtesy form, the literal translation of sentences from Italian to English does not make complete sense.

I Have Other Questions. Whom Can I Ask?

In the pre-registration form, there is a space for comments. We will respond to all questions.

How Zoom Lessons Work



Before the lesson with the teacher, you will receive study materials. We will review the lesson’s point in class.



After the lesson, you can review the exercises you received. Additionally, you will receive a review exercise on the same topic.

The course fee is $125 per student

Upon course confirmation or as soon as classes are filled, you will need to pay your fee, and we will grant you access to the study materials. Payment methods will include credit card (Stripe) and PayPal.



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Fill the application form. First come, first served.



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Lessons will begin on the last week of October 2023.


Please give us two options

Availability: USA / Canada

** Classes on the week of US Thanksgiving will be canceled and postponed to the following week.

  • One group on Friday: first class on October 27 and for the following weeks (November 3, 10, 17, 24 NO, β†’ December 1st)
  • One group on Sunday : first class October 29 and for the following weeks (November 5, 12, 19, 26 NO, β†’ December 3)
  • TIME

Local Time, US / Canada:

  • 10 am or 11 am or 12 noon Eastern Time *
  • 9 am or 10 am or 11 am Central Time *
  • 8 am, 9 am or 10 am Pacific time *

    * Time is provisional. We will attempt to group students from the same time zone and reschedule if necessary.

    Please note that Standard Time will be set on Sunday, November 5, 2023. There will be no changes to the lesson calendar.

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